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This list is the wineries "real" name -- for second labels, and renames, see Winery AKA.
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full BW# Winery Name
14 Hands Wines
WA-W-15123 Abeja
Alhambra Wine Co. [defunct]
245 Ambrosia by Kristy
American Wine Growers [defunct]
246 Andrake Cellars
OR- Andrew Rich Wines
Andrew Will
333 Animale
90 Arbor Crest Wine Cellars
Arlington Road Cellars
324 Austin Robaire Vintners
144? Badger Mountain Vineyard/Powers Winery
319 Baer Winery
84 Bainbridge Island Vineyards and Winery
Balcom & Moe Vineyard
144? Barnard Griffin Winery
331 Barrister Winery
Basel Cellars
Bear Creek Winery
Benson Winery
416 Bergevin Lane Vineyards
Bethany Vineyards and Winery
Betz Family Winery
Birchfield Winery
Biscuit Ridge Winery [defunct]
264 Black Diamond Winery
WA-W-15123 Blackthorn Mountain Winery
106 Blackwood Canyon Vintners
121 Bonair Winery
104 Bookwalter Winery
Boordy Vineyards [defunct]
365 Buckmaster Cellars
OR- Bunchgrass Winery
Buty Winery
C. R. Sandidge Wines
257 Cadence Winery
185 Camaraderie Cellars
195 Canoe Ridge Vineyard
Canon De Sol
Caroway Vineyards [defunct]
Carpenter Creek Winery
Carriage Hill Winery
66 Cascade Cellars Winery [defunct]
173 Cascade Cliffs Winery
Cascade Crest Estates Winery [defunct]
Cascade Mountain Cellars [defunct]
166 Caterina Winery
Cavatappi Winery
Cave B Winery
Cayuse Vineyards
Cedar Ridge Winery
412 Cedergreen Cellars
Chamdanet [defunct]
105 Champs de Brionne Winery [defunct]
Chandler Reach Vineyards
117 Charles Hooper Family Winery [defunct]
Chateau Gallant
8 Chateau Ste. Michelle
236 Chatter Creek Winery
China Bend Vineyard
118 Chinook Wines
Claar Cellars
140 Cloud Orchard Winery [defunct]
Columbia Winery
85 Columbia Crest
Columbia Gorge Winery
Colvin Vineyards
Coolen Wine Cellar [defunct]
99 Coventry Vale Winery
Covey Run Vintners
Crab Creek Winery
Crutcher Cellars
Daquila Winery [defunct]
Davis Winery [defunct]
186 DeLille Cellars
Desert Hills Winery
111 Di Stefano
100 Dunham Cellars
BW-WA-? Eagle Haven Winery
141 Eaton Hill Winery
69 E. B. Foote Winery
OR- Edgefield (McMenamins)
BWN-WA-15145 Edmonds Winery
Eleven Winery
315 English Estate
154 Facelli Winery
FairWinds Winery
Fidalgo Island Winery [defunct]
Fidelitas Winery
290 Fielding Hills Winery
Firesteed Cellars
OR-183 Flerchinger Vineyards (OR)
341 Forgeron Cellars
Fox Estate Winery
97 French Creek Cellars [defunct]
Gibbons Lane Winery, LLC
214 Glen Fiona
Gold Digger Cellars
Goose Ridge Vineyard
Gordon Brothers Cellars
250 Greenbank Cellars
Whidbey Island Greenbank Farm
Harlequin Wine Cellars
27 Harley Hake Winery [defunct]
Haviland Winery [defunct]
176 Hedges Cellars
258 Hightower Cellars
64 Hinzerling Vineyards
The Hogue Cellars
OR-85 Hood River Vineyards (OR)
76 Hoodsport Winery
Horizon's Edge Winery
Hunter Hill Vineyards
139 Hyatt Vineyards
Illusion Winery
343 Isenhower Cellars
JM Cellars
James Leigh Cellars
Januik Winery
95 Johnson Creek Winery
Julianne Cellars
Kalamar Winery
Kana Winery
225 Kestrel Vintners
73 Kiona Vineyards and Winery
Kludt Family Winery
191 Knipprath Cellars
K Vintners
La Toscana Bed & Breakfast & Winery
Lake Chelan Winery
Franz Wilhelm Langguth Winery [defunct]
94 Latah Creek Wine Cellars
100 L'Ecole No. 41
Leonetti Cellar
Steven Thomas Livingstone Winery [defunct]
Lopez Island Vineyards
82 Lost Mountain Winery
394 Lost River Winery
Manfred Vierthaler Winery
Marchetti Wines
228 Market Cellar Winery and Homebrew Supplies
Marshall's Winery
Maryhill Winery
340 Masset Winery
227 Matthews Cellars
155 McCrea Cellars
Mercer Ranch Vineyards [defunct]
306 Mill Creek Cellars
Mont Elise Vineyards [defunct]
317 Moonlight Sparkling Wine Cellar
Morchella Wine Cellars
Morrison Lane Winery
88 Mount Baker Vineyards
143 Mountain Dome Winery
9 National Wine Co. [defunct]
74 Neuharth Winery [defunct]
Northstar Winery
348 Nota Bene Cellars
Novelty Hill
128 Oakwood Cellars
1 Old St. Charles [defunct]
74 Olympic Cellars
Owen Sullivan Winery
120 Pacific Crest Wine Cellars [defunct]
Paradisos del Sol
209 Pasek Cellars
Patit Creek Cellars
157 Patrick M. Paul Vineyards
Paul Thomas Winery
Pepper Bridge Winery
BWN-WA-15024 Perennial Vintners
Pomerelle Co. [defunct]
99? Pontin del Roza
135 Portteus Vineyards
62 Preston Premium Wines
Puyallup Valley Cellars [defunct]
68 Quilceda Creek Vintners
234 Rainey Valley Winery
Randall Harris
Red Oaks Cellars [defunct]
Redford Cellars [defunct]
Reininger Winery
Renaissance Cellar
165 Rich Passage Winery
Robert Karl Cellars
Rulo Winery
Russell Creek
Ryan Patrick Vineyards
Saddle Mountain Winery [defunct]
Sagelands Winery
211 Saintpaulia Vintners
89 Salishan Vineyards
83 Salmon Bay Cellars [defunct]
Samish Island Winery
92 San Juan Cellars
222 San Juan Vineyards
Saviah Cellars
Scatter Creek Winery
Scott Family Winery
Seia Wine Cellars
Selah Heights Winery
131 Seth Ryan Winery
OR-141 Seven Hills Cellars
Sheridan Vineyard
161 Silver Lake Winery
243 Sky River Meadery
66 Snohomish Valley Winery [defunct]
99? Snoqualmie Winery
167 Soos Creek Wine Cellars
248 Sorensen Cellars
Spring Valley Vineyard
St. Hilaire Cellars
109 Staton Hills Vineyard & Winery
Stewart Vineyards [defunct]
Stillwater Creek Vineyard
Stinas Cellars
Syncline Wine Cellars
Tagaris Winery
Tamarack Cellars
Tapteil Vineyard Winery
182 Tefft Cellars
Terra Blanca Vintners
Three Rivers Vineyards (OR) [defunct]
Three Rivers Winery
177 Thurston Wolfe Wines
Townshend Cellar
Trey Marie Winery
Tucker Cellars
Union Wines [defunct]
Upland Winery [defunct]
Vashon Winery
Veredon Vineyards [defunct]
91 Vernier Wines [defunct]
Vin De L'Oest [defunct]
VineHeart Winery
Vinland Farms
Washington Cellars [defunct]
171 Washington Hills Cellars (Apex, W. B. Bridgman)
214 Walla Walla Vintners
Waterbrook Winery
Waving Tree Vineyards & Winery
313 Wedge Mountain Winery
Wenatchee Valley Vintners [defunct]
Werberger Winery [defunct]
West Valley Cellars [defunct]
Westcott Bay Orchards
183 Whidbey Island Vineyard & Winery
?? White Heron Cellars
298 Whitman Cellars
220 Widgeon Hill Winery
Wild Canary Winery
462 Willis Hall
221 Willow Crest Winery
?? Wilridge Winery
117 Wind River Cellars
154 Wineglass Cellars
Wooded Island Vineyards
Woodinville Wine Company
81 Woodward Canyon Winery
Worden's Washington Winery [defunct]
Wyvern Winery
Yakima Cellars
71 Yakima River Winery
OR- Yellow Hawk Cellar
Zillah Oakes Winery [defunct]

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