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Nota Bene Cellars
Phone: ?

  • Tours: No
  • Tasting room: No
  • BW-WA-348; Bonded: Sep-2001; first vintage 2001
  • Owners: Tim Narby
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Production: (2001) ? cases
Vineyards: None
Distribution: Winery

Tim Narby, a longtime member of the Boeing Emplyees Winemakers Club decided to go commercial in late 2000. After putting together a business plan, and remortgaging his home in Seattle, he's gotten space in a warehouse park near his workplace in Kent.
Sources: [the winery]
The Wines:
Tim Narby
Tim Narby 2001 - present

Of special note:
Currently too small a business to have any open hours or a tasting room. Look for this when the first releases are ready to go in 2003.
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