MikeL's FreeBSD links

The following are "howto" links, mostly related to FreeBSD unix. These simply are my own notes.
Bear in mind these are not intended as thorough tutorials. They are mostly checklists and little tidbits that may not be mentioned in the "normal" docs, eg. man pages.

FreeBSD new install of release 11.1
FreeBSD new install of release 10
FreeBSD crashing
FreeBSD ftpd
ActionTec Q 1000 modem
ActionTec C 1900 dual-DSL modem
iPhone ringtone install
Weather station software install
Creating my world from clean install
5.4 install problems
Misc. (searching for info., etc.)
Change IP address
Autostarting at boot
Building a kernel
Upgrading between STABLE versions
Setting up a firewall
Adding a new domain
Making Apache work
Installing MySQL
Updating/installing Perl
cvsup/cvsupit (4.2-RELEASE ports==broken)
Correcting the system clock automatically
Notes on disks
Notes on users/passwd
email handling (sendmail, pop3, popper, imap, majordomo, mailman, spam/abuse, blocklists, milter)
Adding an Uninteruptible Power Supply (UPS)
DSL notes
dhcp notes

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