MikeL's ActionTec Q 1000 HowTo


I have QWest/CenturyLink DSL, using an ActionTec Q 1000 modem. I've had a heck of a time getting it set up for a fairly simple configuration. I'll jot a few notes here about what I had to settle for.

The goal was to have DHCP turned on for the inside LAN; any computer plugged into it, or any computer using wireless would simply be allocated a NAT protected internal IP address.

The exception is that there are two servers that need to be available to the outside world. These would each have a static route for access. DHCP would have a reservation for these two, so they'd just use DHCP as well.

I have a block of static IP addresses from CenturyLink. When you get this, you are actually allocated a block of 8 (hence the .248 subnet mask), however only 5 are available to you for use.

I was unable to make the above work. Final settings that got me into some semblence of running as follows:

I think what I really wanted is to choose "Private" instead of "Public Static Subnet", then add static routes to the two servers, leaving everyone else to DHCP. However, I was never able to get the ActionTec to save a static route. Note that I saw comments on the web that it's a screen bug that the static routes screen does not show routes once they've been saved, but that they can be seen on the Modem Status->Routing Table screen. I never saw my added routes appear on this screen.

Now the internal computers:

However, this device is now my entire protection from the internet -- ugh! I am totally unhappy with the protection this provides -- I do not trust a $39 LinkSys wireless router to protect my entire network. Some day you know there will be a hack directly into this thing. But for the moment, this is what I'm stuck with.

Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions for a better way, or you can give me info that this isn't as bad as it seems to me, or anything else...

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