MikeL's FreeBSD Console scrn bad

Ok, this one is seriously embarassing, but I'm putting it here because it's toatlly inobvious, and could easily catch someone else by surprise.

bad left edge scrn photo My screen is a standard Dell flatscreen mfr date 2007. It has always had this weird problem where the text to the left is cut off.

The tricky part, is that this is consistent across both monitors I've plugged it into. (They're different, but both about the same age/technology.) Because of this, I assumed the problem was a FreeBSD driver problem.

It's not a FreeBSD problem.

Click the little menu button on the screen itself. Hopefully you'll find an "auto-adjust" option - select it, and it will fix it.
If there's no "auto" option, find the "horizontal adjust" and manually move it rightwards.

Over a period of months, I'd spend time googling this problem, and trying to make sense of vidcontrol, loader.conf settings, rc.conf settings, etc. None of them were the problem.

Since we're here, follows is the final settings I'm using:

    Things I've tried that I'm NOT using:

Things done in /etc/rc.conf

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