MikeL's FreeBSD new install release 10 HowTo


This is not a full on tutorial on installing FreeBSD release-10, it's just notes I made as I went through it.

This is a quick note of my first attempts which all went bad because of a single stupid mistake on my part.

The problem was that I had provided the wrong IP address for "default router". This IP address was in use by a FreeBSD firewall box to my internal network. Once the new OS was installed, I was able to do a 'traceroute' to ftp.freebsd.org, but doing things like a package install or a ports install would fail. Paying careful attention to the output I found buried in the listing "no route to host". Most any install I tried would barf with a missing "pkg-1.2.4". When I googled this I found someone else who had this problem, but there was no reply indicating if/how they fixed it.

Ok, here's a real install:

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