MikeL's iPhone HowTo


I've had a lot of trouble getting custom ringtones to work on my iPhone. Every time I do it, it takes all sorts of screwing around.

I'm not a freak about having cutesy ringtones for each friend, I have a specific use where TXT from different numbers means different actions - actually a driveway sensor indicating a vehicle coming up the driveway, or a door opening, etc. This is a customer detection system that allows me to be doing work away from the customer area, then be sent a txt when I need to go help them. (See DrvWyMon if you're interested in more details about this product, it is for sale.) The whole point is not having to look at my phone to see what is going on. I'm out working with my hands with my phone in my pocket, perhaps it's raining, I do not want to pull my phone out of my pocket to know which event has occured. This is the whole point of the iPhone with Siri -- handsfree. It would be possible to use the builtin ringtones, but it's much better to be able to match the sounds made by the base station in the customer area.

Anyways, here's what seems to be working for me.

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