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This section will be filled in with much more detail later. In a nutshell:
  • Order your driveway sensor equipment
  • Order drvwymon package
  • Set up your driveway sensor(s). Set up your sensor base station, probably on a wall to the outdoors. Do not expect this to work perfectly first day out -- you will probably have to tweak sensor placements and settings several times before getting reliable notifications.
  • Get cabling from your base station to your computer. The drvwymon package will include the special connector for the parallel port on the computer. Connect this up.
Dakota DCMA-2500 Wireless Motion Alert package: Manual (local copy).
Dakota DCMT-2500 Wireless Transmitter: Manual (local copy).
Dakota DCR-2500 Wireless Receiver (base station): Manual (local copy).

On the computer:

  • Install a Perl interpreter - we recommend ActiveState Perl.
  • Install Carp::Always package
  • Install Config::Simple package
  • Follow MikeL's Perl howto install Device::ParallelPort package
  • Install Device::ParallelPort::drv::win32 package
  • Follow MikeL's Perl howto install Google::Voice package
    With a clean install today [08/06/14], the script blows up on this package, you'll need to modify the perl library files, see the install link.
  • Configure the parallel port wires by pin number
  • Configure the names of your sensors
  • Configure your GoogleVoice account info (phone number for txt messages to be sent from, username, password)
  • [Optional] On any cellphone who'll be getting these messages:
  • Add a contact for each of the GoogleVoice numbers configured above
  • If desired, add a custom ringtone for each sensor and set it as the text tone. You'll need to download from here, then do a web search to learn how to install custom ringtones for your phone.
    zone 1 "Classical", zone 2 "Westminster", zone 3 "Ding Dong", zone 4 "Whistle"
  • I love having the same tones on the phone as from the base station when I'm out working, however, they are too long - many seconds. Further, when I'm near the base station, having the same tones from the phone is a bit disconcerting, it's easy to lose track of which is the original, a new vehicle arriving, vs. the several seconds later from your phone. I fixed this by editing the tones in an external digital audio program, and speeding them up by a factor of 4.

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