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'drvwymon' is short for Driveway Monitor. This is a package that allows the small business, with limited resources, to have workers out in the field, while being responsive to unscheduled arrivals. An ideal application is a sole proprietor vineyard and winery - the owner can be working in the vineyard, and be notified when a vehicle drives up so as to tend to the customer in the tasting room. A garden or nursery operation with a retail sales area and a few employees, or perhaps a warehouse with an unmanned front office would be other examples.

'drvwymon' is a program that runs on your computer, and monitors your wireless driveway equipment, then sends a TXT message to your cellphone when events are observed. A few simple commands are available allowing you to add or remove your phone from notifications, make preferences changes, and to check up on things.

This is done with the most inexpensive hardware possible, namely by tying into the undoubtedly unused parallel port on your computer. This allows us to keep the price very low.

Please see the Details page for more info on requirements.

You'll find the commands available on the Command Help page.

Interested in this product? This product is in beta-testing now and when available will cost between $50-$100. (Our first customer will be at no charge.) Please visit our Contact Us page and let us know of your interest.

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