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[Yes, I know there should be a web interface for this, but you know how it goes -- someday maybe I'll get to it...]

Prog ver. 2.64 20220528
Must be named 'drvwymon.ini' and be present in same dir as .pl file.
Blocks are designated with a line of only open left bracket, name, close right bracket.
Name will be followed by additional lines.
Each line is var, equals sign, list of values.
plivobaseURI=uri. URI to get to plivo for sms package.
authid=authid provided by Plivo for sms package.
authtoken= authtoken provided by Plivo for sms package.
googlevoicelogingvx=txt number (do includw preceding "1", o plus sign). You may have multiple gv logins, to use a unique one for different sensors allowing different txt tones for different sensors. [Note that we no longer use googlevoice, this name is a leftover from the old days.]
cmd=gvx configures this gv signon as the "command channel".
emailsender=email addr email addr of the PMI website admin for public use.
server=host & domain email server host/domain.
admintxt=phnum. Phone number for txt msgs to administrator.
email addr=addr. Email address for less timely msgs to administrator.
miscsockport=x this is the website socket port used by the program, arbitrarily set at 23256, you should not need to change this. Plivo app will need to be configured for this. You will probably also need to configure your firewall(s) to allow this port (TCP).
StreamFilePath=x Full file path to data file for 'stream' command output.
autologinph-num=cmd one per line; phone numbers to automatically log in at startup, equal sign, followed by the command to perform at login. Do include preceding "1" but no plus sign.)
ParallelPinNamex=parallel port pin number you're using, comma, name you want it to show up as in messages, comma, "no" (normally open) or "nc" (normally closed) for contact configuration. IBM PC only.
ParallelOutPinBitname=name of parallel port bit, comma, decimal value of bit.
NegativeLogicBitMask=x. Numeric value of bit mask to make inverted input logic on parallel port consistent. (Defaults to 120.) IBM PC only.
GpioInputPinNamex=GPIO pin (not physical connector pin) you're using, comma, name you want it to show up as in messages, comma, "no" (normally open) or "nc" (normally closed) for contact configuration. RPi only.
GpioOutPinname=name for this output device, comma, GPIO port number (not physical pin used) for output devices. RPi only.
GVobjSensorListname=gvx each line associates a named sensor to a gv account for multi mode allowing different txt tones. This defines the names used for your sensors.
Go_ph-num Allows a list of commands by name for a user. ph-num is the txt msg receivers ph-num (do include preceding "1", no plus sign). The list is the name the user will follow the go command with, followed by a comma seperated list of commands to execute.
AllowedLogin Allows only a specific list of txt msg users.
ph-num=username (do include preceding "1" but not plus sign). List of phone numbers, one per line, which are allowed access. Each entry is followed by equal sign followed by a username (suggest just a few letters, no punctuation [this is strictly FYI]), comma, admin state (0=no controls access, 1=controls access allowed, 2=admin), comma, and a list of allowed sensors by name (separated by commas), or an asterisk if all sensors allowed.
pingmon HostList=[list]. List is a comma separated list of domain names to ping to check for connectivity. Recommended 3-4, at least one on internal network, one in outside world.
UpMax=[x]. Num secs of answered pings before we'll declare an address to be up.
DownMax=[x]. Num secs of un-answered pings before we'll declare an address to be down.
Pause=[x]. Num secs to pause between pings. Recommend no more frequently than 30 secs, 60 is probably good.
PidPath=[path]. Filepath into filesystem where .pid file should be written at startup. On Win be sure to use double backslash separators.
LogPath=[path]. Filepath into filesystem where .log file should be written. On Win be sure to use double backslash separators.
BindTo=ip. IP address of interface to use for pinging.

authid=[yours here]
authtoken=[yours here]


email=[your email]







a=mute all
b=unmute all,terse on,multi on
c=mute door,multi off,terse off

a=mute door
b=unmute door

nite=mute turn street
day=unmute all,terse on,multi off

#WARNING WARNING WARNING!  Windows path must have double backslash in pathnames                    
# BindTo may be left blank, but must be present.                                                            

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