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full Winery Name Closed
Alhambra Wine Co. 1980's?
American Wine Growers 1973
Biscuit Ridge Winery ?
Boordy Vineyards 1975?
Caroway Vineyards ?
Cascade Cellars Winery 1986
Cascade Crest Estates Winery ?
Cascade Mountain Cellars ?
Chamdanet ?
Champs de Brionne Winery 1990?
Charles Hooper Family Winery 1997
Cloud Orchard Winery 1994
Coolen Wine Cellar ?
Daquila Winery ?
Davis Winery 1940's
Fidalgo Island Winery ?
French Creek Cellars ?
Harley Hake Winery ?
Haviland Winery 1988
Franz Wilhelm Langguth Winery 1990?
Steven Thomas Livingstone Winery 1992
Mercer Ranch Vineyards 1988?
Mont Elise Vineyards 1998
National Wine Co. 1954
Neuharth Winery 1994
Old St. Charles 1965
Pacific Crest Wine Cellars 1986?
Pomerelle Co. 1954
Puyallup Valley Cellars ?
Red Oaks Cellars 1977?
Redford Cellars 1988?
Saddle Mountain Winery ?
Salmon Bay Cellars mid-1980's?
Snohomish Valley Winery 1981?
Stewart Vineyards 1997
Three Rivers Vineyards (OR) 1994
Union Wines 1950's?
Upland Winery ?
Veredon Vineyards mid-1970's
Vernier Wines 1986?
Vin De L'Oest late 1980's
Washington Cellars 1980's?
Wenatchee Valley Vintners ?
Werberger Winery 1970's?
West Valley Cellars ?
Worden's Washington Winery 2000
Zillah Oakes Winery 1996?

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