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[Yes, I know there should be a web interface for this, but you know how it goes -- someday maybe I'll get to it...]

Prog ver. 1.39 (10/06/2014)
Must be named 'drvwymon.ini' and be present in same dir as .pl file.
Blocks are designated with a line of only open left bracket, name, close right bracket.
Name will be followed by additional lines.
Each line is var, equals sign, list of values.
googlevoicelogingvx=gmailusername, comma, gmail password, comma, gmail txt number (including preceding "+1"). You may have multiple gv logins, to use a unique one for different sensors allowing different txt tones for different sensors.
cmd=gvx configures this gv signon as the "command channel".
miscsockport=x this is the control socket port for shutting down the app, arbitrarily set at 23257, you should not need to change this.
autologinph-num=cmd one per line; phone numbers to automatically log in at startup, equal sign, followed by the command to perform at login. (Be sure to include preceding "+1".)
ParallelPinNamex=parallel port pin number you're using, comma, name you want it to show up as in messages, comma, "no" (normally open) or "nc" (normally closed) for contact configuration.
GVobjSensorListname=gvx each line associates a named sensor to a gv account for multi mode allowing different txt tones. This defines the names used for your sensors.
Go_ph-num Allows a list of commands by name for a user. ph-num is the txt msg receivers ph-num (do not include preceding "+1"). The list is the name the user will follow the go command with, followed by a comma seperated list of commands to execute.
AllowedLogin Allows only a specific list of txt msg users.
ph-num=username (do not include preceding "+1"). List of phone numbers, one per line, which are allowed access. Each entry is followed by equal sign followed by a username (suggest just a few letters, no punctuation [this is strictly FYI]), comma, admin state (0 or 1), comma, and a list of allowed sensors by name (separated by commas), or an asterisk if all sensors allowed.







a=mute all
b=unmute all,terse on,multi on
c=mute door,multi off,terse off

a=mute door
b=unmute door

nite=mute turn street
day=unmute all,terse on,multi off

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