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Prog ver. 1.76 (05/09/2019)
helpbrief help message
loginbegin a DrvWyMon session - you'll get an immediate acknowledgement. When not logged in, anything sent is simply ignored, except for 'login', so if you don't get an acknowledgement, you must have typoed (or the DrvWyMon program is not runnning).
logoutlog out of your DrvWyMon session. You'll get a 'goodbye', and will no longer get any other messages unless you login.
statusdisplay list of sensors and their mute state, plus silence state
mute arg [arg]...'all' or the name of one of your sensors (defined at system config.) (Do a 'status' command to get a list of sensor names.) Multiple args accepted.
unmute arg [arg]...undo 'mute' command
go "list"|[arg]...macros are defined in the .ini file, arbitrary names. Executes the string of commands listed in the macro. Note the special word "list" which lists the macros you have defined.
verbose on|offSets more verbose in messages, mostly just adds a preceding timestamp. Verbose off is good if you're having iPhone Siri read you your TXTs out loud.
multi on|offEn/Dis-able program mode which uses multiple phone numbers. When enabled, allows setting of a different ringtone for each different sensor.
silenceadmin only overrides all sending, not even a reply will be sent, not to any user
systemadmin only reports some system parameters, e.g. system up time.
adminadmin only reports some program parameters, e.g. sessions, hardware active states.
unsilenceadmin only undo 'silence' command
shutdownadmin only tells server process to shut down - you should not want to do this unless there's a real problem
Extended commands for controller version:
sign status|on|offadmin only This controls the "Sign" 110V outlet, intended for an "Open" sign. "status" returns a msg with "sign is " and "on" or "off" as appropriate. "on" turns it on, "off" turns it off.
valve status|off|xx [xx]admin only This controls the "valve" 110V outlet, intended for an electrically controlled valve. This can be used to regulate heating/cooling by repeating timer, or can be used as a one-shot timer, perhaps for filling something. "status" will return what configuration it is currently set for (e.g. cycle and on/off times), and whether it's active (powered up) at this moment, or "off". "off" turns the valve off immediately, and stops any cycling. If a single number is provided, a one shot timeout (powerup) will occur, for the provided number of seconds. Note that this will not send any acknowledgement txt msg. If two numbers are provided, the first will be the number of seconds the valve should be ON for, followed by a second number which is the number of seconds the valve should be OFF for. It will continue this cycle until "off" is recieved.
fan off|on|status|cool|warm [xx] [xx]admin only This controls the "Fan" 110V outlet. It is assumed this has a fan plugged into it to bring outdoor air in or blow out. It reads the weather data from the Cumulus program running on the same computer to determine whether to be on or off by indoor vs. outdoor temperature. "on" simply turns outlet on until "off" received. "off" will immediately stop the fan (power down) and stop any cool|warm mode. "status" reports configuration and whether it is active (powered up) at the moment. "cool" or "warm" are identical, but opposite, you could simply mechanically swap the fan to blow or suck giving the same effect. "cool|warm" with two numbers, indicates the target indoor temperature you would like to get to, followed by the minimum difference you want between indoor and outdoor before actuating the fan. When the temp indoors is closer to the temp outdoors than the 2nd arg, the fan will switch off.

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