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Prog ver. 1.33 (10/03/2013)
helpbrief help message
loginbegin a DrvWyMon session - you'll get an immediate acknowledgement. When not logged in, anything sent is simply ignored, except for 'login', so if you don't get an acknowledgement, you must have typoed (or the DrvWyMon program is not runnning).
logoutlog out of your DrvWyMon session. You'll get a 'goodbye', and will no longer get any other messages unless you login.
statusdisplay list of sensors and their mute state, plus silence state
mute arg [arg]...'all' or the name of one of your sensors (defined at system config.) (Do a 'status' command to get a list of sensor names.) Multiple args accepted.
unmute arg [arg]...undo 'mute' command
terse on|offbe terse in messages, mostly just skips the preceding timestamp (good if you're having iPhone Siri read you your TXTs)
multi on|offEn/Dis-able program mode which uses of multiple phone numbers. When enabled, allows setting of a different ringtone for each different sensor.
silenceadmin only overrides all sending, not even a reply will be sent, not to any user
unsilenceadmin only undo 'silence' command
shutdownadmin only tells server process to shut down - you should not want to do this unless there's a real problem

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