Art Pepper Discography - Sessionography

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Please note! If you have any recording or album cover with Art Pepper on it, that is not already listed here -- I want to know about it! Please send email to mikel about it. Thanks!

This page will eventually index the complete Art Pepper Sessionography. As I type in CDs I purchase, their dat will go here -- directed of course by Todd Selbert's miraculous sessionograpy.

Art Pepper Sessionography by Todd Selbert (25.3Mb pdf) (scanned from Straight Life, includes my scribbling updates)

Session datePrimarily known as/for
30-Apr-1953Sonny Clark
31-May-1953Sonny Clark
11-Dec-1956Jimmy Rowles
28-Dec-1956Aladdin Recordings Vol. 2
14-Jan-1957Aladdin Recordings Vol. 2
19-Jan-1957Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section
01-Apr-1957Aladdin Recordings Vol. 3
17-Jun-1977Live In Toronto
02-Sep-1978Among Friends

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