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Washington Wineries -- Mailer - March 1996

      (206) 632-6746
      Dear Winery:
            I'm a computer professional living in Seattle, and two of my greatest loves are computers and Washington 
      State wines.  As someone who works with the Internet every day, I have been impressed by the World Wide Web as 
      a means of sharing information with an enormous number of people.  As a hobby, I've assembled a set of Internet 
      "web pages" representing the Washington wine industry.  I'd like your help in realizing this project.  My only goal at 
      this time is to create an authoritative reference for Washington wine aficionados, as well as a place for perusers of 
      other wine pages to become exposed to the industry in Washington.
            Each Washington winery has its own page which is linked to other relevant information, and to the industry 
      as a whole.  I've slowly been adding information that I've found through winery promotional information, wine 
      guides, etc., but I would like to be able to provide more extensive, consistent information.  I'd like to ask for your 
      help in making these pages accurate and interesting.  Note that this is publicity for your winery, being provided on a 
      web page, at no cost to you.  Enclosed you'll also find a sample page so that you can get a feel for what I'm doing.  
      Lou Facelli was kind enough to allow me to include his page as a sample.
            Because I'm doing this project on my own time, my access to information has been somewhat limited.  I 
      have written my own text with what published facts I have found, and personal recollections.  These pages do con-
      tain pictures; I've scanned images from my wife's label collection and our vacation pictures.  The extensiveness and 
      quality of information included in each winery's page varies widely, due to my lack of resources and the fact that 
      I've only had a black and white scanner available; however, I plan to incorporate information provided by the win-
      eries, and to do a professional quality job with higher quality equipment.
            At this point, I am doing this as a labor of love, as well as an opportunity to learn more about my favorite 
      wine producing region.  However, this medium has great potential for marketing opportunities.  There are web 
      pages in California that allow users to order wines "on-line".  Already I have received comments from people 
      around the country who have explored my Washington Wine Page via links from other wine pages, and I have even 
      referred customers who have gone on to mail-order wine through my favorite local wine store.  If marketing 
      through an Internet central source is an opportunity that you would like to see developed, please indicate so in your 
      correspondence; if there is sufficient interest, I will consider taking on such a project in the future.
            All I need from you is a little writing, and some promotional material.  On the next page I've included a 
      form to help you supply me the information I need to do a good job of representing your winery.  You can fill in the 
      blanks in my form, or simply type up the info in your favorite editor.  (If you choose the latter route, you could mail 
      me a floppy with your file on it, which would save me the time of retyping or scanning it.  IBM PC is ideal, though I 
      can handle MacIntosh as well.)  If possible, please include at least one picture of the winery (color preferable) and a 
      label or two.  (If you already have these available in electronic (scanned) form, include them on floppy disk; I can 
      handle most formats).  A wonderful aspect of this technology is that a Web page is not cast in concrete; it can be 
      changed easily.  You can send me corrections/updates/additions at any time.  I want to emphasize again that these 
      pages will be strictly informational.  There will be no opinions or comparisons between wines or wineries, and no 
      grading/ranking/rating scales.
            Additionally, if you have worked at other WA wineries (especially those that have gone out of business), 
      information about those wineries would also be appreciated.  I do have pages for defunct wineries.
            If you already have Internet access, you can e-mail me the info; I'm send email to mikel.  Further, I'd love 
      to have your comments on my project; point your browser to:  http://vintners.net/wawine.
      Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions at 206-632-6746.  I hope you find this project as exciting I do.
            Thanks for your time,
            Mike Lempriere

      Here is a set of questions to help you organize the info I would like to represent your winery:
      (If you already have a press packet, you could include that too.)
            a)  The usual specifics:
            (For the winery's name,please make sure that you have it here exactly as you want it to appear.
             I will use this full name consistently thorughout other links to your page.)
            Winery Name?  Winery Address/Phone number?  Business/Mailing address (if different)?
            Internet e-mail address/ home page?
            WA BW #?  Year of WA state bonding?  Year of first vintage?
            Winery Owner?
            Production (cases/year)?  Estate vineyards?
            Distribution:  Winery only?  Western WA?  Greater WA?  West Coast?  US?  Int'l?  Other?
            Commercial distributor name (if any)?
            Public tasting room?  Hours?  Tours?  Special off-season hours?  Large groups?
            b)  A few paragraphs telling the history of the winery:
            While writing this history section, bear in mind that this is reference material.  An entertaining story is
            preferable, especially including prominent people in the wineries past, and especially any combined efforts
            with other WA wineries.  Although I will probably use much of this information as delivered, I may take
            some minor editorial liberties with it.  This section is intended strictly as historical info.
            c)  Complete winemaker history including start month/year and end month/year:
            An important facet of this project will be to track all the WA winemakers' histories.  Please list all the
            winemakers your winery has had and what month/year span they were there.  I'd also like your
            winemaker's resume in a nutshell, ie. what wineries (outside of WA too) they've worked at before this one,
            and any universities/institutes of wine, etc. attended.  A photo would also be great!
            d)  Your wines:
            This should be a "tasters" section simply listing your wines and their general characteristics.  For example,
            "Riesling" doesn't tell the reader much, they need to know at least if it's a dry or sweet style.  It would be
            great to include the basic technical info like residual sugar percentage.  Taster's notes would also be fine.
            I will NOT be including any grading scales or comparative ratings.  I realize your releases may change
            year-to-year; the current releases will suffice.
            e)  Of special note:
            Festivals?  Barrel tasting?  Second labels?  Awards?  Special vintages?
            This space is your advertising.  You may say whatever you like about what makes your winery special.
            I don't intend to edit this section much.

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