MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries
Washington Wineries Capacities -- 1988

WA Winery			est.	Capacities 1988
Arbor Crest			1982	33k
Associated Vintners			[now Columbia Winery]
Bainbridge Island Winery		1981	1.5k
Barnard Griffin			1983	1.0k
Bingen Wine Cellars			[now Mont Elise]
Biscuit Ridge Winery		1987	350
Blackwood Canyon Vintners	1982	15k
Bonair Winery			1985	2.0k
Bookwalter Winery		1983	6.0k
Caraoway Vineyards		1983	[retained bond, but closed]
Cascade Cellars				[defunct, no info]
Cascade Crest Estates		1987	70k
Cascade Mountain Cellars		1986	4.0k
Cavatappi Winery			1984	500
Champs De Brionne		1983	9.0k
Chteau Ste. Michelle		1968	450k (capacity)
Chinook Wines			1984	1.5k
Columbia Crest Vineyards		1984	500k (capacity)
Columbia River Cellars		[Preston Wine Cellars]
Columbia Winery			1967	40k
Coolen Wine Cellars		1986	350
Coventry Vale			1983	400k (capacity)
Covey Run Vintners		1982	38k
Daquila Wines			[defunct, no info]
Eaton Hill Winery		[planned for 1988]
Facelli Winery			1988
Fidalgo Island Winery		1986	1.7k
E. B. Foote Winery		1978	1.0k
French Creek Cellars		1983	4.0k
Gordon Brothers Cellars		1983	2.5k
Haviland Vintners			1981	[defunct, no info]
Hinzerling Vineyards		1976	3.0k
Hogue Cellars			1982	60k
Hoodsport Winery		1980	12k
Charles Hoopr Family Winery	1985	1.0k
Horizonís Edge Winery		1983	3.0k
Hunter Hill Vineyards		1984	4.0k
Hyatt Vineyards Winery		1987	8.5k
Johnson Creek Winery		1984	2.0k
Kiona Vineyards			1980	8.5k
F. W. Langguth Winery			[now Snoqualmie Winery]
Latah Creek Wine Cellars		1982	15
LíEcole No. 41			1983	2.0k
Leonetti Cellar			1978	1.7k
Lost Mountain Winery		1981	500
Mercer Ranch Vineyards		1984	1.7k
Mont Elise Vineyards		1975	7.0k
Mountain Dome Winery		1984	300
Mount Baker Vineyards		1982	9.5k
Neuharth Winery			1979	1.5k
Newton and Newton Vintners		[see Whittlesey-Mark]
Northest Daily			1986	[local negociant]
Oakwood Cellars			1986	3.0k
Oregon Champagne Cellars		[see Whittlesey-Mark]
Pacific Crest Wine Cellars		1985	500
Pontin Del Roza			1984	4.0k
Portteus Vineyards		1986	2.0k
Preston Wine Cellars		1976	55k
Prosser Falls				[see Hinzerling Vineyards]
Puyallup Valley Winery			[defunct, no info]
Quail Run Vineyards			[see Covey Run Vineyards]
Quarry Lake Winery		1985	20k
Quilceda Creek Vintners		1979	900
Rainier Valley Cellars			[defunct, no info]
Redford Cellars			1978	600
Rushcutter Bay				[see Paul Thomas]
Seth Ryan Winery		1986	300
Saddle Mountain Winery			[see Snoqualmie Winery]
Salishan Vineyards		1976	4.0k
Salmon Bay Winery		1982	4.5k
Snoqualmie Winery		1983	330k
Staton Hills Vineyard		1984	35k
Stewart Vineyards		1983	8.5k
Tagaris				1987	15k
Paul Thomas			1979	17k
Tucker Cellars			1981	5.0k
Vernier Wines				[see Salmon Bay Winery]
Manfred Vierthaler Winery		1976	16k (capacity)
Washington Discovery			[see Coventry Vale]
Waterbrook			1984	6.0k
Wenatchee Valley Vintners	1986	20k
Whittlesey-Mark			1983	1.5k
Windy River Cellars			[see Blackwood Canyon Vintners]
Woodburne				[see Columbia Winery]
Woodward Canyon Winery	 	1981	2.4k
Wordenís Washington Winery	1980	18k
Yakima River Winery		1979	18k
Zillah Oakes Winery			[see Covey Run Vintners]

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