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Microsoft Expedia Streets Pushpin set

(Note: Earlier versions of this product were called Microsoft Automap Streets.)

The Microsoft Automap Streets pages can be found at: http://www.microsoft.com/expedia/.

Streets 98 users:
Download wawine_04may03.spp (54kb) MikeL's Washington Winery Pushpin set (complete set).
Download ORwine_17jul98.spp (8kb) MikeL's Oregon Winery Pushpin set (incomplete set).

Streets 2000 users:
Note! Streets 2000 does not support the Streets 98 "Full Description" box type that I used originally. Much of the old information is lost. It is also a massive pain to make the conversion, requiring a complete reinstall of the old when done, and there is no going back to Streets 98 afterwards. For these reasons, the Streets 2000 set will probably remain way out of date -- sorry -- complain to MS, not me.
Download wawine_20may00.stp (5kb) MikeL's Washington Winery Pushpin set (complete set).
Download ORwine_17jul98.stp (2kb) MikeL's Oregon Winery Pushpin set (incomplete set).

If your browser doesn't already know how to start Streets when click on the link above, you may either save the file, and bring up Streets yourself, our you can attempt to set up a program association for Streets.

In the former case, in any browser, you may simply hit the "Save as" button, and save the file to a temp directory. Then bring up Streets.
Older "Automap Streets": click on "Tools", "Pushpin Explorer", then click on the top left corner of the window (there's a little triangle symbol), and click "Load".
Newer "Expedia Streets": click on "Files", "Import pushpins".
New: MS Expedia Streets & Trips 2000 does not recognize pushpin sets from the older MS streets programs (Don't ya just love it?). You will have to download the Pushpin Conversion program by clicking on the MS link near the top of this page.

In the latter case, this may help, but you're on your own...

  • Select "Edit", "Preferences", "Navigator", "Applications".
  • Look for "Microsoft Expedia Streets Pushpins". If present, hit "Edit", otherwise hit "New Type" and use this as the "Description".
  • For "File extension" give it "spp".
  • Leave MIME type blank.
  • For "Application", give it path to the Streets executable using "Browse" (the default is typically C:\program files\microsoft reference\automap\Automap Streets Plus.exe). If there are any spaces in the path, you must enclose the whole path in quotes.
  • After the executable name, add a space, slash, f, quote, percent, 1, quote. The final line will look something like:
    "C:\program files\streets\Streets98.exe" /f"%1"

Netscape users:

If you get the "Save As..." dialog, be sure to check that the file extension is the correct ".spp" before saving. (Older Netscape browser chooses the file extension by the supplied mime type instead of the passed filename, and insisted upon changing the extension to ".exe". I believe I have this fixed at my end now, but I'm leaving this help just in case.)

If you don't get the "Save As..." dialog, but instead get a screenful of gibberish, try using MS Internet Explorer (MS IE does the right thing, but for the wrong reason (I'm not trying to convince you to use MS IE, I prefer Netscape myself). Using "file->save as" won't work as a text end-of-line conversion is being done. (As above, I believe I have this fixed at my end now, but I'm leaving this help just in case.)

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