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Washington (WA) State has a certification program for vineyards using 100% organic growing methods. Those conscientious about how the grapes were grown see the "organic" section below. Additionally, the US government Food and Drug Administration mandates labelling of sulphite content in food products. For those with sensitivities to sulphites, see the "sulphite free" list.

(As this is such a small list, I am happy to include neighbors of WA State -- B.C. and OR organic listings are welcome here.)

See this page for additional WA State Organic Produce Info

Note that not necessarily all wines from these producers are sulphite free/ organically grown -- inclusion here means only that they regularly produce at least one sulphite free / organically grown wine.

Sulphite Free wines:
Badger Mountain/Powers
China Bend
Fidalgo Island Winery [defunct]
Lopez Island
Lost Mountain

Organic vineyards:
Badger Mountain/Powers
China Bend
Hainle Vineyards (British Columbia Canada)

Honorable mention: (Non-certified, but owner claims ecologically sound vineyards)
Lopez Island

Other organizations (in no particular order):

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