MikeL's Guide to WA Wineries
Operating Washington State wineries

  • In a recent (Nov-2006) class presentation for the WSU online Viticulture certificate, Ray Folwell of WSU IAREC stated roughly:
    "I recall in 1976, Washington State had 6 wineries".
  • Operating WA Winery list - 1981
  • Time magazine, in an article Washington's Bright New Wine on 27-Jun-1983 states:
    "There are now 31 wineries in Washington, twice as many as in 1980".
  • Operating WA Winery list - 1984
  • In an article by Ken Robertson at winepressnw.com, he notes a clipping in his collection of a Seattle Times Tom Stockley column dated 28-Jun-1989 that notes "more than 150 wineries in the Pacific Northwest". Caution, this may include OR and ID.
    http://www.winepressnw.com/robertson/story/7208074p-7119808c.html (scroll down to bottom of article, second to last paragraph)
    Note that the Seattle Times does not have articles back this far on their website at this time.

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