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Wanted: Memorobelia

In case you hadn't noticed by my website, I am an avid collector of Washington State Winery memorabilia and paraphenalia <grin>!

If you have perhaps old labels (with bottle still attached is fine) from defunct WA wineries, I'm very interested. I'm certainly willing to pay your packing and shipping costs to send them, and perhaps buy particularly interesting items you may have, for example maybe a corkscrew with a defunct WA winery's name.

I'm especially interested in anything historical. For instance an old pamphlet listing all operating wineries in the state in the 1950's would be of high interest. Antique home photographs of old WA Wineries and winemakers would be very valuable, as long as sufficient information is included for validity. Old books that include sections on WA wineries would also be very valuable.

Please do remember that, that this is just a hobby, I can't afford much, and I must be selective. If you have items that you think might be of interest to me, please contact me by email: send email to mikel.

One step further, there is now also an official WA State winery collection, please see http://www.WAWineArchives.com/.

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