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The photo contest is CONCLUDED, thank you to all who participated!

You may have seen this photo in the Yakima Valley Wine Tour pamphlet, by the Yakima Valley WineGrowers Association (YVWGA).
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In September of 1997, I announced a contest where the person who was able to identify the greatest number of winemakers from this photo, would win a bottle of wine! Due to the fact that I had no entrants as of late November, I extended the contest and advertised it a bit on my wine related lists.

Well here it is, 04-Jan-1998 -- I had 4 responses total!
Of those 4, most folks correctly identified 3 or 4, and mis-identified anywhere from 0 to 5 others.

The winner is the team of Perry and Kimberly of Kirkland <MMueller>. They correctly identified 12 winemakers and misidentified 1 (but identified the winery that person works at correctly)! They also correctly identified where the photo was taken. The prize they've chosen is a bottle of Chinook Merlot.

To help put this in perspective, when I initiated the contest my wife and I (who have gone to a great deal of effort to meet a heck-of-a-lot of the winemakers in the state) were able to identify only 12 of the 20, though we met an additional one of them during the contest, so we've still got them beat! In order to get the actual names, I had to ask Gail Puryear of Bonair Winery for a complete list (thanks again Gail)!

For the winemakers names, please visit the Field Guide for spotting YVWGA winemakers, or click on the small picture above.

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