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Washington Wine Commission

Official website: http://www.washingtonwine.org/

The WA Wine Commission (known in the industry as WWC) is a government financed organization for the promotion of all WA State wines/wineries. Every bottle of wine sold in WA State (this includes wines not actually made in WA) is taxed to support the WWC.

(Please note that when MikeL's WA Winery Guide was first established (1995), the WWC had no website. Since they established theirs (URL above), much of MikeL's WA Winery Guide has lagged behind. For historical information, MikeL's WA Winery Guide is the place to be -- for up-to-date information, you may want to watch their site...)

The WWC manages a huge event annually, known as Taste Washington. Since 2000(?) this has been a travelling show, visiting several major cities around the US. Follows is the Taste WA 2003 early notice (.pdf 330Kb) postcard for the event (06-Apr-2003).
(To display the .pdf files, you may download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from http://www.adobe.com/.)

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