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This page is intended as a gathering place for non-state bonded winery information. If you know of a serious WA state home winemaker, please let them know about this page, and have them email me (send email to mikel) to be listed. If you know anything more about any of these wineries, please send me email with more details!

Rumoured only:

  • Desperation Peak: 1990's?
    [if you know anything about them, please send me email].
  • Four Seasons Winery: 1980's
    Jim Enos, a Seattle wine afficienado made medium-scale grape purchases, and had them shipped to Seattle for the amateur market. He made his own wines under this label from the mid-1970's into the 1980's.
Alive and well!
  • Cold Cavern Cellars: 2001 "I produce 40 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc a year in the large basement of my Puyallup, Washington home, mostly for my large extended family and friends. I plan to pursue this passion of mine more seriously in the future". send email
  • Camano Island Winery, Camano Island: 1997-present
    send email [I've tried a bottle of their 1997 Merlot, very nice! -- MikeL]
  • Perennial Vintners, Seattle: 1997-present
    [I'm quite fond of their 1997 Cab. Sauv. from Tefft Vineyard grapes {wink!} -- MikeL
  • Chateau Brunelle, Woodinville?
    send email
  • Torch Winery, Ellensberg: 1998(?) - present
    send email to Virginia Harmon

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