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[Photo credit: Mike Lempriere, Oct-1999]

You can see the signpost towards the right, which points to the great winegrowing areas of the world. The small white square to the bottom front is one of several plaques that exlain what varietals are grown, and tell the story of the winery.

Note how bushy the plants are in this photo as opposed to the other photos on the Bainbridge page -- this is a harvest time photo, the others are much earlier in the season.

If you don't believe winegrapes can grow in the Puget Sound climate, you might be surprised by this. Although there's not much to see in this photo, immediately above and to the left of the signpost, way at the back of the vineyard, there is a square covered area. Although it was once a small greenhouse, it is now simply a lean-to with a styrofoam back wall for insulation -- the front is open to the elements. The important thing to note is that amongst other plants, there is a lemon tree growing here -- and it is producing lemons. (I will try to add a photo of this some day.)

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