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The Wines: (Winter 1997)
Pinot Noir

Ours was the first Pinot Noir to be grown in the Puget Sound region! Fragrant and elegant burgundy color. Smooth cherry and raspberry flavors and a pleasant toasty finish would go well with lamb or grilled salmon.

Pinot Gris

Ripe pear and hazelnut flavors and the dry, clean finish of this white wine would complement seafoods, grilled prawns or herbed chicken.

Muller-Thurgau Dry

With just a bit of oak to complement its fragrance, this dry-style white wine could be served with smoked salmon, oysters, lamb or game.

Muller-Thurgau Traditional

Similar to a floral Riesling, but with a musky flavor and crisp fruity finish. Chill and enjoy with roasted chicken, fresh pork, turkey or pan-fried trout.

Ferryboat White (Madeleine Angevine)

This is a medium-sweet, crisp, low-alcohol sipping wine. Its spicy flavor is perfect for cheese and fruit or Dungeness crab, ginger chicken stir-fry, hot nachos and bratwurst.

Siegerrebe Late Harvest

A spicy-sweet and very fragrant dessert wine. This rare (botrytis-affected) wine could be a luscious dessert or served as a sweet apertif. Try it with Goronzola and walnut stuffed pears.

Strawberry wine

Made for Christmas holidays. Meant to be drunk young. This natural, pure strawberry wine is the perfect dessert wine to sip, to remember and enjoy the best days of summer....

Strawberry wine

Fresh island-grown raspberries give this wine its intense fruit flavor. Serve with chocolate or cheesecake, or as a sorbet with lamb.

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